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      Tyre & Wheel services

      Unbalanced wheels can cause early wear of your tyres, accelerated wear of your shock absorbers, struts and steering components and importantly adversely affect your vehicle’s performance. Here Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood, our expert mechanics can ensure the wheel weight is distributed evenly to provide you with a smooth ride and minimalise your vehicles chance of premature tyre wear.

      Our mechanics use modern computer wheel-balancing technology to ensure your vehicle’s wheels are balanced correctly – improving fuel economy and providing you with a smooth and vibrationless driving.

      At Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood we will ensure your car gets a proper and accurate wheel balancing. Simple things like hitting the kerb, driving through potholes and even front end or suspension repairs all can cause wheel misalignment. Warning signs that your car’s wheels may be misaligned are steering wheel shimmy, pulling to one side, squealing tyres when turning and bad steering control. To maximise tyre life, Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood recommends that your wheel alignment is checked every 10,000kms.

      When you book your car in with our experienced team at Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood, you’ll get great workmanship, honest business values and personalised customer care. We explain any necessary work prior to starting and provide a written report upon completion.

      As a MTA and IAME authorised repairers, Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood is a genuine dealership alternative for new vehicle maintenance and handbook servicing with no warranty issues.


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