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      Transmission services

      Transmission issues are known in the automotive industry for starting small but becoming expensive if left ignored. Here at Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood, we believe that taking care of transmission repairs need early can save you big bucks later. 

      Our transmission services include automatic transmission repairs, electrical and non-electrical analysis and transmission fluid replacement. Transmission fluids’ special properties wear out over time and when they do the transmission itself shortly follows thereafter. The best way to keep your car’s transmission in good working condition is to have it serviced on a yearly basis.

      Complete fluid and filter changes every year significantly prolong transmission life. The engines and transmissions in modern vehicle models are entwined much more closely than in older type cars. An issue with the engine can put much more strain on a transmission than if it was operating correctly. Maintaining your vehicle’s engine in good order minimalises the stress on its transmission so it survives longer, helping to avoid fixing any major problems later.

      Using only quality parts on your vehicle, Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood replaces any damaged or worn parts only as necessary. Being an authorised MTA and IAME authorised repairer means that Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood is a true dealership alternative for new vehicle maintenance and log book servicing without your car’s warranty being adversely affected.


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