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      Brake repairs & services

      At Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood, our brake services include disc rotor and pad replacement, drum brake repairs (shoes/cylinders), disc and drum machining, brake fluid flush and hydraulic overhaul. Your vehicle’s brakes are obviously one of the most important operating systems of your car. In knowing a bit more about how the brakes work, the better you’ll understand the importance of periodic checks and servicing. Wheel bearing grease needs to be applied to the wheel hubs to reduce heat created by frequent brake applications.

      Caliper has one or more hydraulic cylinders containing pistons. Whenever you press the brake pedal, the pistons exert pressure on the brake pads. Pads are essentially metal plates with an adhered lining of friction substance. As the lining wears out, the metal pad gets closer to the disc. Pads should be replaced when under 3mm from the disc. Brake caliper slides, boots, brake pipes and hoses are fully inspected for wear.

      Discs can be easily scratched or damaged if the metal plate touches the disc. When below certain tolerances it needs to be replaced. A bleed nipple ensures that any air that gets in the hydraulic lines is bled off. Even the tiniest amount of air will severely impair the operation of your car’s brakes.


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