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      Exhaust & Muffler repairs

      Looking for affordable exhaust and muffler repairs in Chatswood, New South Wales? We can help! Here at Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood, we our repair and replacement service can assist with a wide array of exhaust issues. This may include anything from a cracked muffler to a hole, a rattle inside, restricted flow from being blocked, worn out or rusted, or more.

      Additional telltale signs may include a leaking gasket, bumping or loud sounds, rust, fume smells in your car, which may need repairs or a replacement of the whole exhaust system. We can assist with repairs or replacements for the muffler, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, exhaust manifold and all exhaust associated gaskets.

      As an authorised  MTA and IAME service provider, our valued customers can enjoy peace of mind that Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood is a genuine dealership alternative for new car maintenance and log book servicing without voiding your warranty. We only use the best, highest quality parts required on your car, and will only replace broken or worn parts as necessary. 


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      Exhaust Repairs Chatswood