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      Timing Belt services

      Here at Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood, our team of talented and experienced mechanics can take care of all timing belt repairs and services. We can help replace your car timing belt, idler bearing or pulley and timing belt tensioners at the car dealership’s recommended intervals, which depends on the exact vehicle and model, but is commonly every 60,000 or 100,000 kilometres.

       It is vital that the timing belt and related components are replaced as specified by your car dealership, as failure can result in piston-to-valve damage in some makes and models, costing thousands of dollars to fix. A broken timing belt is a common and annoying issue that can not only be frustrating but also be very expensive.

      Having a timing belt service performed by Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood before it is too late can save you a lot of money in the long run and can also prevent a lot of inconveniences. As a MTA and IAME authorised repairer, Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood is a genuine dealership alternative for new vehicle maintenance and handbook servicing with no warranty issues.


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