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      Clutch repairs & services

      Here at Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood, we can help address any kind of clutch concern you may be experiencing in your vehicle. This may include your clutch pedal sinking to the floor, difficulty changing gear, leaking fluid on your driveway, vehicle stays stationary when you let the clutch pedal out or is slipping whilst driving – to name only a few telltale signs. Our team of experienced auto mechanics can help! We can do everything from replacing a clutch cable through to the bigger jobs like replacing the entire clutch kit, which includes the clutch plate, pressure plate and the thrust bearing.

      We can also repair and if need be, replace the clutch master and slave cylinders. If it’s leaking or not working anymore, we can replace the cylinder, fill it with fresh fluid and bleed the clutch hydraulics.
      Using only quality parts on your car, Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood replaces any broken or worn parts as necessary. As an authorised VASA, MTA and IAME accredited mechanic positions Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood as a genuine dealership alternative for modern vehicle maintenance and logbook servicing without affecting your new car warranty.


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