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      Car Air Conditioning servicing

      Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood will complete a full air conditioning evaluation of your car’s air conditioning system and quote any repairs required. When performing a system leak test and assessment, fresh gas with a lubricating oil is used, before a final system diagnosis is conducted.

      Our team of professional mechanics will investigate operating pressures, leaks, breakdown or hose damage, seals and components. The drive-belt tension is checked and the entire system recharged with a refrigerant.

      For older cars, the air conditioning system often uses a refrigerant called R12 containing fluorocarbons (CFCs). It is important to run the car air conditioner for up to five minutes every seven days to stop the system seals from losing moisture and drying out so that ozone-depleting substances are not released into the atmosphere. Modern cars use a CFC free refrigerant known as R134a which is far less damaging to the environment.
      Your car air conditioner requires periodic servicing to make sure that its operation is effective and efficient. Karl Knudsen Automotive Chatswood can repair or service your air conditioner, and a regassing service is available.

      Regular air conditioner servicing ensures your car’s air conditioner is functioning at the required temperature, to ensure your car stays cool in summer and demisted in winter. Car air conditioning systems need a disinfectant regularly to stop mouldy smells. To effectively eliminate mildew and fungi you should have your air conditioner disinfected regularly.


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